We are not the only ones talking about Lucocoa

Lucocoa is the talk of the town right now . . . 

So it is not new news that I am a great fan of London's first bean to bar chocolate Lucocoa, and I can't encourage you enough to give it a try and see what you have been missing but why take my word for it?

Ama (one of the creators) and the picture perfect bars are popping up online and in social media everywhere, London Fashion week, cookery blogs and in the Sunday Times! and to be honest I'm not surprised. Rather than telling you again all the reasons I love this brand the women (and man) behind it let me share some other wise fellows words .. 

Click the links below to hear more about your favourite Bean to Bar #Lucocoa. 

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And below the Sunday Times

The Times Lucocoa

The Times Lucocoa