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Bean to Bar Lucocoa Chocolate
Bean to Bar Lucocoa Blonde Chocolate
Lucocoa Chocolate || Natural Blonde 75g

Lucocoa Chocolate

Lucocoa Chocolate || Natural Blonde 75g


Natural Blonde 75g
This is a favourite at emslie
A mixture between a Caramac & white chocolate but without all the added white refined sugar. Keeping it real and more of a 'grown up' white chocolate natural creamy and caramel in flavour.

I'd recommend this bar as a little treat after dinner accompanied with a good film.

Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, coconut sugar, lucuma
Cocoa solids 40% Milk solids 30%

Lucocoa Chocolate is made in London, UK, from bean to bar using no refined sugar or artificial sweetners.
It tickles your taste buds without pricking your conscience;

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